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Digital Photos – 4 Steps to Keep Your Pictures Safe

Our personal photos are tremendously important to us. They help us to freeze time and remember our past and present, they remind us of older and younger family members, and they make us think about the beautiful world we live in.

This article is about learning to store your digital pictures correctly and safely so that you never have to worry about them being damaged or lost.

1. One way you can save space on your PC is to delete bad pictures or similar images, before you even download your photos from your camera or memory card. This will also cut down on the amount of files you have to edit and store later on.2. Download all of your pictures full size. These will be your original photos. All of your pictures can be downloaded by removing the memory card and inserting it into a card reader. This is the easiest way to download and it also saves on your camera’s battery life. You can also download by connecting the cable that came with your camera to your PC.

Digital Photos – 4 Steps to Keep Your Pictures Safe

3. Once you have downloaded all your pictures you need to reduce the images to a smaller file size and move the originals to a new file. This allows you to have your photo images in a smaller size for storage on your PC and emails, but you can still keep the originals for printing.

4. Now that you have your photos downloaded and resized it’s time to think about storage. Storing or backing up your pictures is simply making a duplicate copy of your photos just in case your computer fails. You can use a external hard drive, flash drive, or burn your photos to CD’s or DVD’s. Back up both your resized and original photos.